Guest of the VDE University Group of the Ernst Abbe University Jena

Three companies of the Tridelta Campus Hermsdorf (Siegert TFT GmbH, Schneider Engineering Solutions GmbH, SCHMEISSNER GmbH) were invited to the company evening of the VDE university group of the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena at the end of last year. The aim was to present the high-tech location at the Hermsdorfer Kreuz with its focus on ceramics and electronics to interested students.

We started our presentation with current video clips, which gave an insight into the partly sophisticated and brazen techniques of thieves, who rob banks, galleries and museums of money and priceless art objects. In addition, we explained which innovative and partly invisible possibilities there are today to protect pictures, objects, safes or showcases. The exemplary attempt to reach into the capacitively secured bowl filled with sweets was a source of much conversation and amusement.

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